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H.R Policies

Hiring Policy

HR department of company hires the appropriate persons against vacant job keeping in view the qualification and job requirement considering on merit basis and to achieve this, HR department uses all possible means like advertising in newspapers, advertising in Chamber magazine, factory board and banners on roads.
Disciplinary Policy
Kicker Sports takes suitable measures to maintain a well disciplined environment and to avoid any indiscipline atmosphere, the employees are given advance notice about problem, misconduct  or bad performance. Disciplinary action may be in shape of verbal warning, one or more written warning, suspension or dismissal.
Probation and confirmation Policy
EveryAny employee is initially enrolled in the company foron probationary period of 3 months which may extended if desired by company for 3 months more which depends on performance of employee. If the employees is succeeded in the probationary period, will become the permanent employee and be entitled for all legal benefits.
Child Labor Policy
It’s the strict policy of Kicker Sport for implementation of Child labor law described in the light of ILO conventions 138 & 182 verified by the Govt. of Pakistan. So the entry of a child below the age of 18 years is strictly prohibited in the Company.
Social Accountability Policy
Kicker Sports always tries its best to make a pleasant working atmosphere and believes in educating its workers and suppliers on the policies to maintain the highest moral standard as per:
Labor Law of Pakistan
Workplace Standard
WFSGI Code of Conduct
SA 8000 Requirements
ILO Conventions
The company is assured that by its best efforts, employees may motivate to produce better quality soccer and goalkeeper’s gloves.

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