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In 1987 Kicker Sports was established by Mr. Jahangir Iqbal, BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), Who had been working in the football manufacturing industry for many years with the experience of 20 years.

At the start of Kicker Sports employed 25 employees, at that time market was intense and competitive. At initial stage, Mr. Jahnagir Iqbal started producing with 1000 balls per month. As time moving forward, Kicker Sports developed better relation with international market and gained trust over its customers.

Soon after Kicker Sports won the trust over the world biggest brand in the Market ‘PUMA’ in 1995 on innovative 62 panel ball developed by Jahangir Iqbal. Which was also played in LA LIGA (Spanish League).

Few years after 1998, Kicker Sports launched its new product line Goalkeeper Glove and started with production of15000 pairs per month.

In 2004, Kicker Sports developed to Emboss 100% Latex on Goalkeeper Gloves and sooner became the first company to be known in Pakistan as 1st and best maker of Professional Gloves.

After completing the studies from London in 2005, Mr. Shoaib Jahangir, Son of Mr. Jahangir Iqbal Joined the company with B.A Hons in Business Administration and Marketing. Kicker Sports appointed him as assistant Production Manger & New Development Manager. 
Till 2006 most of the production process involved in producing Hand-stitched balls and Goal Keeper Gloves was operated manually. So it was decided by Mr. Jahangir that an effective and professional business approach has to be implemented. The objective was to reduce wastage through labor-intensive techniques, in which Kicker Sports introduced “Lean Manufacturing” principles.

In 2007, Kicker Sports achieved another technological milestone. Within the period of one year, Kicker Sports successfully developed the Punch Tech-Introducing Goalkeeper Glove with High End Emboss 5mm with 2D corners of Gloves, enhance 30% confidence of goalie by observing shock on impact of a ball.

Gradually Kicker mechanized its Football (Hand Stitched) and Goalkeeper Gloves, as a result in 2009, Kicker Sports enhanced its capacity to 100,000 balls per month and 55,000 pairs of gloves/ month.

Adding to that Kicker Sports built a new factory (UNIT II) in Export Processing Zone Sialkot known as Duty Free area for import and then re-export without paying single penny. It made Kicker more competitive by cutting cost of import duties, taking advantage of that Kicker Sports installed latest machinery in the factory.

But in 2010, Kicker Sports took quantum leap and accomplished another technology landmark. The Fused Hybrid Panel Ball Known as (Mold Ball) with the capacity of manufacturing 20,000 per month. A ball with no Hand Sewn involved, a huge success towards business point of views and credibility of Kicker Sports.

At the same time, Kicker Sports started TPU lamination with EVA (in house) and gave competitiveness over the prices in Hand Sewn & Machine Stitch Soccer Ball- Introducing Soccer ball with TPU Outer layer, giving 20% more life to the Ball than the previous 100% PU balls which was Awarded with the Best Training ball of the year, Friendly Environment...PVC FREE with Price at its unbeatable…

Further in 2011, Kicker Sports is one the first company who has introduced Chain system in Goalkeeper Gloves stitching and successfully running with capacity of 20,000 pairs per month, which can be increased as per requirement.

Having said that Kicker Sports has set standards in manufacturing industry by delivery quality products with shorter lead-Time. All this innovations and continuous modifications made it possible for Kicker Sports to launch its own brand under the name of “Kicker” in international market. Soccer balls, Volley balls, Rugby Balls, Sports wear, Shin Guard, and Goal Keeper Gloves.

Kicker Sports has gained confidence from its customers by achieving commitments which they made, Kicker philosophy is to achieve what makes the best possible product & quality with being cost affecting and keep discovering the Amazon of technology.

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