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Kicker Sports has developed a strong R&D department which continuously works for improving its products in the broad and versatile range of soccer balls and goalkeeper’s gloves.
Following tests are to be taken during the whole process of manufacturing.
Material tests before starting of production.
Tensile Strength
Tear Strength
Adhesion Strength
UV Test

Thickness, Weight
Tensile test
Air Retention
Nozzle Test
Migration Test
Thickness Test
Tensile Test
Total Solid Content
After Production
Consistent Circumference
Permanent Roundness
Uniform Rebound
Minimum Water Absorption
Perfect Weight
Minimum Pressure Loss
Shape and Size Retention
Break Policy
The following prayer timing are observed in Kicker Sports with the consultation of its employees:
From Monday to Saturday except Friday 01.00 PM to 01.30 PM
For Friday 0100 PM to 02.30 PM
Note:- Sunday is rest day
Freedom of Movement Policy
Kicker Sports provides its employees the right to move freely under the labor code of Pakistan and workplace standard requirement without any restriction.
None-Discrimination Policy
Kicker Sports doesn’t distinguish while recruiting and employment Policy but this process is done only on the basis of ability of the individual and its performance only.
Overtime Policy
Kicker Sports has strict policy, not to compel any worker for overtime. If it’s needed by the company from workers to do overtime, then this decision is taken with the consultation of worker.

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